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Dewinterizing your RV Water lines
  • Put several gallons of water into the fresh water tank.
  • Turn on the water pump, and open a cold water tap.
  • Allow the water to flow for several minutes.
  • Connect the water hose to your city water supply inlet. Turn on the supply.
  • Open all taps one by one and allow the water to flow for several minutes.
  • Flush the toilet several times.
  • Now open the water heater bypass and fill the water heater with fresh water. - consider removing the plug to let water run through, then plug and fill.
  • Run water through all the hot water faucets.
5/17/2006 - Update on how these steps worked for me. I ended up having to do a quick de-winterize in February. I decided to head to Oregon to a horse show and because I got my RV to stay in, I just had to use it. The only mistake I made was in not knowing where all the water outlets were. Under the sink were two drains...one for hot and one for cold. They had been left open by the shop that winterized for me. When I went to fill the fresh water tank up, water gushed out under the sink. I panicked for a minute, but pulled out all the junk under the sink, found the little black push/pull levers and pushed them closed. Another interesting tidbit to note is that the Water Pump had NOT been hooked back up to the system with any care. To Winterize, they had to hook up an extension to get the antifreeze in the plumbing. So, when I turned the pump on, water leaked pretty heavily out it. We were watching for it. turned off the pump and redid the hoses tighter. I used my husband for this task since he is far stronger than I. Off to Oregon I went, In the snow. Everything worked marvelously. It just poured down rain at the show, but I got to snuggle up under the eave next to the barn so didnt have to get wet!

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