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RV Charm Jewelry
RV Stuff carries a fun line of RV theme jewelry. These products make great gifts for travel partners, friends and family who love RVing. Sterling silver, gemstone and crystal work together to make stunning pieces. Choose from charms and metal stamped shapes and form them into necklaces, earrings and bracelets. RV Stuff produces the metal stamped items in house. Mix them with our Made in the USA charms and RV Stuff will assemble, pack and ship these very unique items to you. Enjoy! If you want something unique or a special message stamped, email us for a quote at webmaster@rvstuffnthingz.com
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5th Wheel Gooseneck Trailer
This 3d fifth wheel trailer has detailed windows, door and a slide out. The bottom is hollow.
Weight: approx 4.4 grams
Dimensions: H 3/8" X W 3/4"

Bin oculars
Binoculars for viewing the wildlife is a must while on the road.
Weight: approx 2.6 grams
Dimensions: H 5/8" X W 1/2"

bp-4mm Ball post earring set
Purchase two charms and these 4mm ball post earrings and we will assemble your charms into a perfect set of earrings.

ClassA Class A RV
2D class A RV, flat on back, stamped 925.
Weight: approx 1.9 gr.
Dimensions: 3/4" x 5/8"

Com pass
We all need a sense of direction when we RV, this compass is a great symbol of the freedom of the road.
Weight: approx 2.6 grams.
Dimensions: H 5/8" X W 1/2"

Diesel Pusher DP RV
This 3D diesel pusher RV charm has detailed windows, doors and slide out, the bottom is hollow.
Weight is approx 3.9 grams.
Dimensions: H 3/8" X W 7/8"

Digital  Camera
Memories of the road less travelled are a must.
Weight: approx 3 grams
Dimensions: H 5/8" X W 1/4"

irv hmr 5/8 inch hammered RV Charm
Hand Stamped solid sterling silver disk. 5/8 inch x 24 gauge. Hammered, domed with the words "I RV". Made for you by RV Stuff!

Pop Up  Travel Trailer
This cute trailer is perfect for the young travelling family.
Weight: approx 2.6 grams.
Dimensions: H 1/2" X W 5/8"

Semi Semi Truck
RVers share the road with all types of vehicles, but semis are what we see the most of. This charm has great details! Weight: approx 5.9 grams.

ss-18sn 18" .7mm Sterling silver snake chain
Stamped .925, great to partner with an RV Charm to make it a pendant

ss-lbear Leverback earring set
Sterling silver leverback earrings. Combine these with 2 charms of your choice. Hand assembled by RV Stuff.

Sun  Glasses
All good RVerís must have sunglasses for the long winding road.
Weight: approx 1.8 grams.
Dimensions: H 3/4" X W 1/2"

TT Travel Trailer
Very small cute 3d travel trailer.
Weight: approx 2.4 grams
Dimensions: 1/2" x x 1/2".


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